I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while and finally after multiple non-starts due to one reason or another, have started Streaming my gaming content.

I’ve been a long time Gamer. My earliest fondest memories are playing an Intellivision (not an Atari) with my siblings when I was 5 or 6?

I specifically remember the day, our parents bought a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) for us. Right before Christmas, which was supposed to be a Christmas present, however, they let us start playing it an hour a day leading up to that. We literally unpacked and repacked it daily, keeping the plastic wrap intact, et al.

Fast forward two plus decades, and i’m playing WoW, WoW: Classic, Diablo 3 (and occasionally earlier versions and finally some form of The Division (1/2). Seldom, you’ll find me playing SC2 or Overwatch, or even less frequently, some off the wall game.

So why not, I’ve watched Twitch and Youtube videos for over a decade now.

I Multibox WoW and Diablo 3 and any other game I figure out the mechanics behind it.

Starting today I will be working on updates to this site and to my Streams.

I’ll update my Youtube channel later

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