Production AHV to CE DR testing for Dev/Test/Stage use cases

Recently I had a customer that purchased a 3460 G5 4 node cluster for their production workloads. They were originally a Hyper-v shop and were blown away by the ease and simplicity that AHV brought to them as well as increased performance.

I believe this is a wonderful use case of the AHV/CE products, allowing full testing of production workloads in a safe testing environment.


Several weeks after running their environment they reached out to me to request assistance with testing out Community addition in their remote site for Dev/Test/Stage workloads.

Testing the connection the ce side would attempt to connect and fail several seconds later while the production side would fail instantly. We disabled the firewall rules on both sides and that did not remedy the issue. Both the production and ce sites also reported the following message for the remote site:









We attempted the connection over vpn through the nat interfaces and still experienced the issue.
I reached out to a few nutanix staff and one recommended checking the proxy for each remote site configuration.









As soon as that was done, everything started working. The VLANs were presented and usable and after a quick save the vstores were always presentable and usable.











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