Shutting down a CVM for new haswell node

Had a fun time adding a new pair of Haswell based nodes into a customers vCenter this week.

They currently have Sandy bridge based cpus and you cannot directly add a Nutanix node straight into the cluster.

You have to put the host into maintenance mode, which in my case, had already been added to the Nutanix cluster and I needed to safely shut down each node one at a time to add them successfully.

To do that, log into each CVM and run:

sudo halt
sudo halt -p now.
This will shutdown an individual CVM.
Be aware to only do this on one CVM at a time and give it several minutes to come back up once you’ve migrated the host into the cluster and turned the CVM back on.
Wait for the CVM to be powered off, then put the host into maintenance mode.
You can now drag the host into the correct cluster or add it into the cluster and vcenter if you have not already done so.
Power the CVM back on, wait a few minutes for it to come back online and then rinse and repeat. Pay attention to Prism while this is being brought down and back online for any issues that may arise.

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